The parties agreement
General provisions
  • 1.1.  

    Participation in the Cryptonex crypto platform is possible only for the persons which reached age of an age of majority which is established by the Law in the country of your accommodation. Usually it persons, are more than 18 years old.

  • 1.2.  

    Participation in the Cryptonex crypto platform is completely anonymous. From the Participant isn't required the provision of any identity documents, or documents containing personal data. Also, from the participant isn't required passing of any procedure of confirmation of his personality by sending documents to the address of his physical stay or by the phone.

  • 1.3.  

    The Cryptonex crypto platform undertakes in any case not to share personal data of the participant (user name, a first and last name, e-mail address and information on deposits) to any third parties.

The parties rights and obligations:
  • 2.1.  

    Rights of the participant of the program:

    • 2.1.1.  

      To be registered on the website and to have only 1 (one) account in system.

    • 2.1.2.  

      To make transfer of the money to the Cryptonex crypto platform account in any of payment methods, available on the website.

    • 2.1.3.  

      To open one or several investment plans on your own.

    • 2.1.4.  

      To take a part in the events and contests which are provided by the project according to the rules of events and contests published on the platform website.

    • 2.1.5.  

      To become the participant of the partner program and to invite referrals, earning the partner reward.

  • 2.2.  

    Obligations of the participant of the program:

    • 2.2.1  

      To use for balance refilling in system and funds withdrawal only the payment means which belong to him personally.

    • 2.2.2.  

      To make refilling of the balance the funds which have the legal origin.

    • 2.2.3.  

      To keep in safety the access data to the account and not to share this access data to the account in the Cryptonex crypto platform to third parties.

  • 2.3.  

    Cryptonex rights:

    • 2.3.1  

      To block of the Participant account in case of the reporting of payment processors about illegal actions of the Participant, and also at the request of law enforcement agencies.

    • 2.3.2.  

      To refuse to the Participant in the services provision and to block the account if the Participant makes attempts anyway to do harm to the Cryptonex crypto platform (slander, discredit, blackmail, attempts of breaking of the website, spam, etc.). In this case Cryptonex can begin the procedure of return of a deposit or confiscate the invested funds for a covering of the caused loss.

    • 2.3.3.  

      To change, add, rename, or to keep without change any sections, points and subparagraphs of these Rules and regulations at the notification about it participants on the website.

  • 2.4.  

    Obligations of Cryptonex:

    • 2.4.1  

      To provide confidentiality of the Participant's personal data.

    • 2.4.2.  

      To make charges on the Participant's account balance according to conditions of the investment plan.

    • 2.4.3.  

      To monitor operability of the Cryptonex crypto platform and to provide unhindered access to the account.

The deposits charging
  • 3.1.  

    According to investment plans the profit charging are made according to the conditions specified for each investment plan.

  • 3.2.  

    The participant has the right to dispose of profit on your own.

  • 3.3.  

    The participant is allowing to increase a deposit amount at any time on your own will.

  • 3.4.  

    The participant can't close the deposit before the deposit will expire.

Financial settlements
  • 4.1.  

    The participant to own account can transfer a money by any available method at any time.

  • 4.2.  

    The money transferred by the Participant into the own account is enrolled instantly and for that are not charged any additional fees from the Cryptonex crypto platform. However such fees can be exist in the payment processor of the Participant.

  • 4.3.  

    The transferred funds are enrolling into the Participant's account in currency of USD/BTC.

  • 4.4.  

    Payments are performing by using the payment details typed by participant in the account settings. Cryptonex doesn't bear responsibility for incorrectly typed payment details and for the payments which have been performed to incorrectly typed payment details.

  • 4.5.  

    Any additional fees are not charged for payments.

  • 4.6.  

    Payments are performing only on the e-wallets belonging to the Participant. Payments on someone else's e-wallets are forbidden.

Partner program
  • 5.1.  

    Each partner obtain the unique affiliate link, being registered on which the invited Participant becomes bound to the account of the partner who invited him.

  • 5.2.  

    The partner reward is calculating from the amount of the deposit of a referral and is enrolling on the Partner's balance at once after opening of this deposit by his referral.

  • 5.3.  

    The partner has the right to dispose of the received pertner reward on your own.

  • 5.4.  

    For the partner program's participating any Participant is forbidden to register more than one account.

Copyright and related rights
  • 6.1.  

    All content which contains on pages and investments of the Cryptonex website whether it be text, graphical or other information, is exclusive intellectual property of the Cryptonex crypto platform.

  • 6.2.  

    Any references, literal or partially literal citings of this content are obliged to be followed by obligatory mentioning about the intellectual property.

  • 6.3.  

    Partial or complete copying of this content for the purpose of its further distribution or commercial using, can be performed only in case of the corresponding coordination with administration of the Cryptonex crypto platform.

  • 7.1.  

    For refusing to perform and/or for not observance by the Participant of these Rules, or ignoring of warnings from administration, Cryptonex can without further negotiations and discussion with the concerned party partially to limit access, to block temporarily or forever to delete an account of such Participant. Money in the form of the main deposit, percentage charges by this deposit(s), the referral and bonus rewards, and also other funds which could be on the account balance at the time of factual determination of refusing to perform of this Rules are not the subjects for compensation.